BMW Service 5Major Benefits

Your Next BMW Service: 5 Major Benefits for Summer

Summer is here and if you love your BMW as much we love ours, it’s time to book your next BMW service. Read on for the 5 top benefits of a summer service.

Summer is here and the time is right for enjoying your BMW and everything Orlando has to offer. Whether you are planning on taking in LEGOLAND, the Orlando Eye, or SeaWorld this summer, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Orlando!

In fact, you may even be hoping to cruise long distance for that perfect summer road trip. With gas prices at the cheapest they’ve been at the start of summer in over 10 years, there’s no better time to plan that perfect getaway.

But don’t put off your BMW service before you take in all that fun. Your regular BMW service can help you make the most of the summer. Here’s how:

1. Keep it Cool

Temperatures are rising in Orlando and every day is another opportunity to thank goodness for great air conditioning. But there is nothing worse than finding out too late that your air conditioning is on the fritz or not working at its full potential.

Keep it cool this summer by trusting the experts to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning. Don’t wait to sweat it out in traffic on these hot summer days.

2. Stay Safe

The summer often means more time behind the wheel and more traveling for you and your family. The benefits of living in Florida include great destinations, beautiful beaches, and endless fun in the summer.

But getting BMW service is a great way to keep everyone safe along the way. Finding out your brakes and safety products aren’t working is best done in the safety of a car repair shop.


A Diagnostic Exam, a Routine Checkup or Repair.

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3. Performance

You own a BMW because they are fun to drive. But without regular service, you may not know they can’t run to their full potential.

Schedule that service and your BMW will reward you with the best drive on the road.

4. Preserve Your Investment

BMW owners know the value of precision and excellence. But only by performing regular service can you enjoy the peace of mind that you are preserving your investment.

A little service goes a long way with BMW. Make sure you can enjoy your car for years to come or get the most from a trade-in.

5. Efficiency

Whether you are burning oil or failing to meet fuel efficiency standards there are a variety of ways your BMW can cost more than it needs to without proper service.

Plus, you may be setting yourself up for costly repairs down the road. Get that service done today.

BMW Service Can be Fast and Easy

One of the reasons BMW owners delay their service is they don’t see the benefits. But another is because it seems like such a hassle.

But Europa Auto is different. Our clients love us because we offer efficient service and ultimate value. We know your time is important and we treat our customers right every time.

Precision and excellence is at your fingertips with Europa Auto. We will take care of your car as if it were our own.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for BMW service and make the most of your summer.

I got a BMW inspected before I even saw it by Europa Auto. They where right about it being in good condition. I purchased the car based on there inspection and I am happy with the service.

— Ed L


A Diagnostic Exam, a Routine Checkup or Repair.

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