Servicing Your Mercedes

Servicing Your Mercedes (And Why Prevention Beats Cure)

Servicing a regular car is important, but servicing your Mercedes is up there with breathing in terms of its importance. Here are all the reasons why.

Replacing a car engine costs between $2,000 and $5,000. And that doesn’t include the cost of labor.

Most of us wouldn’t fancy shouldering that cost, or leaving the car in the shop for ages while it is having its engine replaced.

And that’s exactly why servicing your Mercedes is so important.

While an engine replacement is very much a worst-case scenario, we’ve seen it happen to our clients. Regular servicing can identify and iron out any issues with your engine – or most other parts of the car – before they become a major problem.

Checking your car yourself

There are a few things you need to check around the car yourself from time to time.

These include making sure that there’s enough oil, coolant and that the tire pressure is adequate. Also, check that all your lights and wipers are working properly. And if your brakes are making funny noises, get them checked out right away.

Ultimately, these seemingly small actions can prolong the life of your car and prevent malfunctions – as well as keeping you and your family safe.

We know that you’re busy, and that you don’t want to be servicing your Mercedes at a garage until you have to. These simple tasks will keep you on the road until it’s time for your scheduled service.


A Diagnostic Exam, a Routine Checkup or Repair.

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What are the benefits of a regular service?

While there are some things you can check yourself, you’ll need a garage to take an in-depth look for you from time to time, as part of a regular service. What are the benefits?

Increase your car’s performance and efficiency

A well-maintained vehicle drives much better than one in need of care.

They are more responsive, are fuel-efficient and suffer less wear and tear over time.

Keep the resale value high

At some point, it’s likely you’ll want to sell your Mercedes and move to a newer model.

By regularly servicing the car and keeping a maintenance record, you’ll prove to the buyer that it has been well taken care of. It will also show that it hasn’t had major problems in the past. This will increase its resale value significantly.

Keep your family safe

By regularly servicing your car, you are ensuring that key components such as your lights and brakes are working properly.

This is vital to road safety and will keep you and your family, as well as other road users, safe while driving.

Servicing your Mercedes professionally

35% of Americans admitted to the AAA that they had skipped or delayed vehicle maintenance and repairs that were recommended to them. But the AAA says that this has led to a huge number of roadside call outs that could have been avoided.

We know that you don’t want to be late to your lunch meetings, or trapped on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck on your way home to the kids. Servicing your Mercedes can prevent these situations entirely.

Schedule a routine service with Europa Auto Orlando today and know that your car is in the safest of hands.

“These mechanics know their stuff! I have a 1985 Mercedes 380SL that needed some motor work. They were amazing! The shop is of the most professional I have ever seen. Very fair pricing. I highly recommend them.

— Jerry K


A Diagnostic Exam, a Routine Checkup or Repair.

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