Wet ‘N’ Wild

While Orlando is known primarily for theme parks, there are planet of ways to get outdoor thrills that don’t include princesses and pirates.  Although there are no mountains, Orlando offers abundant opportunities to enjoy water sports, wildlife exploration, and hiking. Travel to the not-so-far away corners of Orlando and you will find that it is still a rather Wet ‘N’ Wild place with amazing vantage points to spot alligators, manatees, and even bald eagles. So take a trip away from the crowd and experience Orlando’s wild side!

Adventures in Florida Day Tours

It’s been said that the real magic kingdom is natural Florida and a guided kayak tour is a great way to explore it.  Adventures in Florida Day Tours offers experiences such as the Manatee Kayak Tour where you’ll observe hundreds of these “sea cows” in their natural habitat, and the Bioluminescence Kayak Tour which begins at sunset and offers you the opportunity to explore the legendary and natural phenomenon of the glowing waters.

Adventures in Florida Day Tours is committed to both preserving the natural environment and providing first class guest service.

Call them at: (407) 924-3375

Soaring H20 / Falcon Flyboarding

If you’ve ever had dreams that involved wearing a jet pack and hovering above the water, your ship has come in! Considered an extreme sport, Flyboarding allows you to soar high above or hover close to the surface of the water!

What IS flyboarding you ask? By donning a jetpack, water propulsion is supplied to your board and allows you to fly!  With an instructor at your side, you’ll learn how to steer your hydroflight device in no time.  Basic hand commands allow you to communicate with your instructor and give you full control of your experience.  Flyboards don’t discriminate either; whether you are 17 or 70, you can shred the waters in no time.

Soar over the water at:
5638 Randolph Avenue
Orlando, Florida

(877) 214-2600

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