What You Need to Know About BMW Brake Service and Repairs

Is there anything more important to your BMW than its brakes? This BMW brake service guide makes sure you’re in the know so you can make great decisions.

If your brakes are failing, it puts your life at risk. Regular BMW brake service could be your lifeline.

When you’re attempting to stop in a particularly dangerous situation, you want those brakes to be there for you.

BMWs, in particular, are high-performance vehicles. Sometimes you want to take it out to have fun.

If you do, you may wear your brakes out faster than normal.

You can change them yourself, but getting a professional BMW brake service takes out all of the hassle of trying to do car maintenance on your own.

When Do I need BMW Brake Service?

Since you own a BMW, you may be more cognizant of your vehicle’s needs than other owners. But vehicle owner habits aren’t always in the best interest of the cars themselves.

Most owners wait until something is wrong to get their brakes checked.

Since your brakes are so important, you should get them checked once a year.

This way you’ll be able to keep track of how fast they’re wearing down.

Worn Pads

Your brake pads are what squeeze down on the rotors to slow down your vehicle.

These are soft so that they don’t catch and damage the brakes, only slow down your vehicle gradually.

Because they come in contact with the brakes, they also wear down over time. These pads are equipped with a wear indicator that squeals when your pads are dangerously worn down.

You can always check your brakes yourself, but a professional will know better what to look for.

If you are bringing in your car for BMW brake service every year, you shouldn’t ever hear this sound. But if you do, bring your BMW in right away.

A Mind Of Its Own

If your BMW starts pulling to the left or the right, you may have brake problems.

When the wheels pull, it could indicate a collapsed brake hose, which would mean that one set of brakes is clamping down harder than the other.

Don’t delay when you feel this happening; it’s time to look into BMW brake service.

Bad Vibrations

If you’re going down a hill and you brake but suddenly your wheel starts to shake under your hand. Your car isn’t purring with pleasure; it’s got warped rotors.

This is a sure sign you need to bring it in to get those brakes serviced.

Mushy Pedal

If you have to practically stand on the brake pedal to stop, you’ve got something called mushy pedal.

You might have one of two problems here; either you have worn pads or something is wrong with your hydraulics.

Either way, get your car in right away for service.

When Should I Get My Brakes Changed?

To be safe, you should get your brake pads and rotors changed every 40,000 miles.

This way you will avoid any of the problems listed above.

Remember, good brakes can be a lifesaver.

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