Keep your Mercedes running smooth with the Mercedes service you need that follows this Mercedes Routine Maintenance plan. Here’s the info and help you deserve.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you don’t make your Mercedes service visits as regular as your doctor’s visit. We encourage our customers to treat their car better than themselves (And some people do that).

You really should be getting your Mercedes-Benz in to see the car doctor every 10,000 miles. That’s the official Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule.

The full maintenance schedule includes your 30,000 and 60,000-mile plans. Those are more intense than your routine oil and filter visits.

And, since you are a lucky Mercedes-Benz owner, at 20,000 miles your car gets a little bit more love than the average road beast.

This is because we know that your Mercedes-Benz is your prized possession. And it requires some extra care.

What Mercedes Service Does My Car Need Regularly?

Fortunately, our bodies change our oil for us. But since our cars rely on us, it’s up to you to bring your car in for service.

We have two different services for a regular checkup. One is called Flex A. The other is called Flex B.

Flex A Service is what you should get on your first time through. It’s a more basic service that should happen at the 10,000-mile mark of your new car.

Flex B service is a little more intense, but not nearly as intense as our 30 and 60 thousand mile services. You should get Flex B at 20,000 miles.


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Flex A Services

Your Mercedes-Benz mechanic will…

  • Change the oil and filter in your engine and replace it with a high-quality fleece filter and Mobil1 5w40 fully synthetic motor oil.
  • Check your battery with his Midtronics tester.
  • Inspect all four tires and fill them to their correct level.
  • Check your brake components for wear and tear.
  • Give your vehicle a basic safety inspection.
  • Check all the light bulbs and replace them if need be.
  • Reset your service indicator light.

Flex B Services

Your Mercedes-Benz mechanic will…

  • Give your vehicle a full test of all its functions. This includes visual inspection of the engine, suspension, underbody, brakes, lights, Heating and A/C system, and your throttle.
  • Check your fluid levels and fill them to the correct levels. Inspect the entire car for leakage.
  • Perform a free alignment check.
  • Replace your engine’s air filters.
  • Replace your cabin’s air filters.
  • Test for shorts and faults in your vehicle. Then print them out so that we can diagnose shorts and faults in your vehicle.
  • Reset your service indicator.

With the Flex B Mercedes service plan, we give all our customers who opt for this plan a free rental car good for one day.

Where Should I Get My Mercedes-Benz Serviced?

You now know what the recommended maintenance schedule is for your Mercedes-Benz. It’s up to you now to take care of your vehicle and bring it in for service.

If you live or work in Orlando, it’s just a short drive up the road to Maitland where you’ll find the best Mercedes mechanics working hard to fix and maintain your auto.

Visit Europa Auto for routine service, brakes, tires and alignments, and Mercedes-Benz transmission repairs.

I got a BMW inspected before I even saw it by Europa Auto. They where right about it being in good condition. I purchased the car based on there inspection and I am happy with the service.

— Ed L


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