An Oil Leak May Seem Minor…

But it can quickly spin into a major problem. Other than the unsightly stains on your driveway, an Oil Leak Repairs and maintenance services can cause an increase in fuel use, unnecessary wear and tear on your engine, even engine failure — especially on newer model vehicles.

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Don’t wait to find out if your oil leak is putting your engine at risk.

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Our ASE certified mechanics are amazing at diagnosing problems like oil leaks, noises, check engine lights, and your dashboard warning lights.

Oil leaks can occur from your valve covers, head gaskets, the oil filter housing, oil filter caps, front and rear main seal, the inspection cover, your camshaft seals, timing covers, timing seals and gaskets, the oil pan, your camshaft sensors, and the oil separator hoses — and that’s just some of the places!

The point is, until you check, you have no idea where the leak is coming from… and no idea how bad it might get if left alone.

Don’t risk your vehicle’s engine; get it checked!

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