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At some point, every vehicle needs a brake inspection, and Brake Repair Service. Exactly when your vehicle needs these services, will depend on a lot of factors, including how often you drive, what type of driving you do most, and the style of driver you are. We work to make sure your car can brake safely and quickly.

Do I need Service?

Does stepping on your brake pedal give you a squishy feel? Do your brakes squeak or grind? Are you able to stop suddenly if you need to? If you worry about your car’s ability to brake swiftly, securely, and firmly, it’s time to schedule an appointment to get them checked. Your safety depends on it.

Our expert brake specialists will identify any brake issues and offer a cost-effective solution to quickly and safely get you behind the wheel again. Don’t ignore your brake concerns. Doing so could result in a more costly repair— or worse. And we want to see you again!

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We’ll Make Sure You Can Stop When You Need To

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We’re proud of our factory training. We make great efforts to exceed your expectations in every way. For us, that starts with a lot of training. This allows us to quickly diagnose and correct any issues with your vehicle.

We’re not the kind of shop to guess and bumble around, then present you with a large bill and watch you come back in 2 weeks when it didn’t work. We’ll ask you what you’re experiencing and listen to what you tell us. Then we’ll listen to what your vehicle is telling us, using our ears, eyes, computers, and diagnostic tools. Then we’ll combine all of that with what we were taught by the people who built your vehicle… We’ll tell you what’s wrong, how it should be fixed, and whether you can wait before doing any of the services — before we fix it.

All of that will leave you a happy driver. (And when you do come back, it will be because you like us, not because something broke!)

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Don’t leave your safety to chance. Make sure you can stop!

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