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How to Maintain Your Mercedes Air Conditioning

You don’t want your AC going out in the middle of summer. To make sure your AC is reliable, here’s how to maintain your Mercedes air conditioning.

An AC unit breaking down in the middle of summer is every driver’s worst fear.

To prevent this, your Mercedes air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s in top working order. It needn’t be a hassle. A few simple maintenance tasks you can do yourself will help to keep your AC unit working properly.

Tips to Maintain Your Mercedes Air Conditioning

 Use It Regularly

To keep your Mercedes air conditioning in good condition, it’s important that you simply run it for 10 minutes at least once a fortnight – even in the winter.

The coolant acts as a lubricant for the entire system, and this is pushed through all the pipes and tubes when you turn the AC on. This helps to keep all the internal parts well-lubricated and in good condition.

If AC units aren’t used regularly, they can also lose refrigerant gas, which will then need to be replaced. The unit will become less effective as more of this gas is lost.

The less effective the unit is, the more fuel it will use – which means the inconvenience and added expense of refueling more often.

 Run the Defrost Mode

It may sound odd in the height of summer, but running defrost mode for five to ten minutes every few weeks can help to clear excess moisture from inside the unit.

This prevents mildew, which in turn helps to stop bad odors from building up inside your Mercedes air conditioning system.


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 Get It Serviced

It’s important that you take your car to be serviced every couple of years for many reasons.

A high-end Mercedes can cost over $2,000 a year in maintenance and repairs, but regular check-ups can mean problems are spotted and resolved earlier. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars and the inconvenience of having to leave your car in the garage.

In terms of your AC, a regular service should spot common issues such as leaking coolant, blown fuses, and compressor or motor faults. The sooner they’re sorted out, the less it’s likely to cost you, and the less time it will take too.

 Recharge Your AC

Approximately every two years, you need to have your AC system recharged.

This means removing any old refrigerant gas and lubricant from the system, testing the system to check for damage. The AC system is then filled back up with new gas and lubricant.

This isn’t part of a normal service with most garages, so you should book in an appointment specifically for this on top of your normal service appointments.

My Mercedes Needs Professional Attention

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A Diagnostic Exam, a Routine Checkup or Repair.

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