The Definitive Guide to BMW Alignment

We’re sharing all the specs and things to know about BMW alignment. Is it time to take yours in for service? Find out here.

BMW Alignment is like getting a good back cracking. You know the feeling, or maybe you don’t, when the chiropractor realigns your spine and everything falls into place again. If your car could speak, it would probably tell you how great it felt to get a re-alignment.

If your car could speak, it would probably tell you how great it felt to get a re-alignment.

Of course, your BMW doesn’t have a spine, but it does have wheels on which the whole car sits. And any bit of misalignment can wear on your vehicle. And since

And since Americans are holding onto their cars longer, it’s up to owners to keep their vehicles in top shape.

What Could Cause My BMW To Go Out Of Alignment?

One of the biggest dangers for your alignment on the road is the pothole. If your local government isn’t up to snuff, you might see potholes in the road just laying in wait for your wheels.

To avoid too much damage from potholes, make sure you keep your tire pressure at the recommended manufacturer level. You will make it less likely that your BMW alignment will go askew.

If you do hit a pothole, make sure you immediately pull over and check your tires. Examine the tires and rims for damage.

Also check the tire pressure. Tire gauges are small and easy to carry around in your car.

And then once you are back on the road, see if your car wants to pull away from where you are guiding it. If you notice anything amiss, take your car in for to a BMW service professional.


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What Is BMW Alignment?

There are three things you need to know about BMW Alignment. Camber, caster, and toe. And, no, these aren’t new characters for a Three Stooges re-make.


If you’ve ever ridden a horse for a long time and gotten off bull-legged, you know what it feels to have your camber off. The camber is off when the wheel leans too far one way or another.

When the camber is off, your tire will wear unevenly.


Shopping cart wheels are on casters. Of course, your alignment depends on slightly more complicated casters, and they aren’t as free-roaming as a shopping cart caster.

When your car’s casters are out of alignment, your steering will be heavy and you may feel a kick when you hit a bump. Fortunately, casters that are out of alignment don’t affect the wear and tear on your tires.


This is what most people think about when they hear the words BMW alignment. It means exactly what it sounds like.

The front of the tire is like your toes. If you walk pigeon-toed, you might drag your feet a little.

If your car is pigeon toed, it might drag your tires depending on certain factors.

Your car could also toe-out, which has similar effects.

How To Tell If I need Realignment?

As we mentioned above, you could have just hit a pothole. You should definitely get your BMW in for service.

If you go to the front of your vehicle, look at the tires. If they seem to be facing away from each other or are leaning in to each other more than usual, definitely get your alignment checked out.

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