If you own a BMW, we've got some good news: you aren't going to need BMW services in Lake Mary as often as you think. You're driving one of the most reliable brands on the road.

According to Consumer Reports, BMW ranks 5th in reliability. As long as you take care of your Bimmer, it will last for a long time.

Part of taking care of your vehicle is regular maintenance. Always take care of a problem when you first notice it. Putting off repairs is bad for the health of your vehicle and your wallet.

BMW services in Lake Mary

Reliable BMW Services in Lake Mary

If you live in Central Florida, you know that the Summer heat presents special challenges for auto maintenance. Here are the top five services BMW drivers in Lake Mary will need.

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BMW oil change services Lake Mary

1. Oil Change

This service might seem obvious, but many times drivers forget to get their oil changed on schedule.

Car engines are a collection of moving parts. When these parts rub against each other, they create friction, producing heat. The oil absorbs heat and keeps your engine's parts lubricated.

Over time, oil breaks down, making it less effective at lubrication. This can lead to a whole host of problems.

You might not notice a major difference in your BMW's performance if you wait on an oil change, at least at first. Skipping an oil change here or there won't seem like a big deal.

Until it's too late.

Think of your BMW as a long-term commitment. Going over the recommended mileage between oil changes has a cumulative effect. Over time, overheating and a lack of lubrication causes different parts of your engine to work less efficiently.

At that point, there's no easy fix. For BMW services in Lake Mary, Europa Auto in Maitland, FL is arguably the best BMW service and repair shop in the area, but we're not magic. It's best to follow the recommended schedule provided in the owner's manual.

2. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

A common problem reported with BMW's is oil leaking from the valve cover gasket.

The valve cover is on top of the cylinder head that seals the surfaces between the cover and cylinder heads. Occasionally, the spark plug tube gaskets are part of the valve cover. Mechanics replace both parts at the same time in this situation.

If a burnt smell comes from underneath your hood, it's a high probability that the valve cover is leaking. Oil gets onto the motor and the heat dries it, giving off the wonderful aroma we all know and love.

The leak won't stop you from driving, but like other maintenance concerns, there are long-term issues to consider. If oil drips on coolant hoses, it becomes soft and eventually bursts. There could be a misfire if spark plug wells fill up with oil.

There is good news, however. Most of the time, technicians notice valve cover gasket leaks during regular BMW services, such as oil changes. If one notices this problem in your car, go ahead and have it fixed. It's better to replace the valve cover gasket than the gasket AND coolant hoses.

Typically, the sealant around the valve cover gasket wears down after 60,000 miles. If you smell burnt oil in the cabin and you’re looking for BMW services in Lake Mary, go ahead schedule your BMW service checkup with Factory Certified Technicians now.

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3. More BMW Services In Lake Mary: Check Your A/C

Summers in Lake Mary are hot. This fact isn't surprising to anyone that lives here, but what might surprise drivers is that your A/C needs an annual check-up.

Your car's air conditioning system is complex. It's a closed system, meaning that no coolant leaves the system as long as it's in working order. Like all other parts of a car, however, normal wear and tear, along with traumatic experiences like wrecks cause occasional leaks.

For this reason, you should get a check-up annually. Mechanics will ensure your A/C system isn't damaged and provide you with a plan if it is.

BMW AC repair services Lake Mary

You should use professionals to determine if your A/C needs "topping off". As the EPA points out, it's impossible to tell how much refrigerant is in your car's system without the proper tools. Trying to guess and adding too much or too little could cause damage to the A/C system.

4. Wheel Alignment

If there's one thing every Floridian agrees on, it's that gas prices are too high. Everyone over the age of 30 loves to taunt the younger generation with tales of .99 cents per gallon gasoline.

Why not save some money and enjoy a smoother ride? Wheel alignments give you both of these benefits without breaking the bank. Most of the time, the money you spend on an alignment comes back to you in fuel savings!

You'll also save money on tires! An unaligned car wears out tires, leaving an uneven thread. This leads to financial and safety concerns. The outside of your tires might be okay, while the inside is down to the threads. Severe wear on one part of your tire could lead to a blow-out.

You've driven on I-4 during rush hour. It's easy to see how losing control of your car because of a blown tire can lead to a severe accident.

There are a few signs that it's time for an alignment. If your car pulls to the left or right, the driving wheel isn't centered when driving straight, or you notice uneven tire wear, it's time to have a professional assess the situation. For BMW services in Lake Mary, many locals call Europa Auto at (407) 890-8077, in nearby Maitland.

BMW brake service in Lake Mary

5. Brakes

There are few moments in life more terrifying than the realization that you can't stop your car. While accidents due to brake failure are rare (less than 5%), that doesn't take into account wrecks caused by limited braking abilities.

Safe driving relies on the driver's ability to respond quickly to others around them. With malfunctioning brakes, if a car makes a sudden stop in front of you, there might not be enough time to react.

If your brakes make any grinding noise when you stop, you hear a screeching noise, or your BMW doesn't respond well when you press the brakes, call Europa immediately!  We’ll help you. Getting your brakes examined on a regular basis saves more than your car, it could also save a life.

Keep Your BMW On The Road

Regular maintenance on your vehicle saves time and money, as well as protecting yourself and other drivers on the road. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, check out what BMW services we offer. Don't wait until it's too late to prevent a major mechanical problem.

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