Your BMW Routine Maintenance Checklist

Keep your BMW in the shape it deserves with this BMW routine maintenance checklist. Is it time for BMW service? Find out by reading below.

Your BMW service maintenance schedule should be a routine occurrence. Don’t skip a checkup if you want a smooth ride that keeps your BMW on the road for as long as you want to drive it.

If you feel you don’t have the time or that it’s going to be troublesome, there’s no need to worry.

Keeping your BMW in top shape is not very complicated if you take it to a BMW mechanic.

Mechanics, in general, perform over 900 million oil changes each year. Hopefully, your BMW is at least one of those oil changes.

Your car needs more than just an oil change to keep it running smoothly.

Let’s go over the other tests and inspections you should regularly do for your BMW.

What Kind Of BMW Service Maintenance Do I need?

It’s wise to bring your vehicle in every regular service interval for an oil and filter change and your typical once-over. (Note: In Florida should be completed more often.)

These are called Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 Services.

Let’s explore what goes into these services.

Let’s look at what we do with Inspection 1:

For this service, we complete your oil and filter change.

This includes a high quality oil filter and fully synthetic engine oil.

We use our Midtronics tester to gauge the life of your battery.

We inspect your tires to make sure the walls are tread are doing well, and correct the tire pressure if needed.

We complete a basic vehicle safety inspection.

Finally, we check all lights and reset the service indicator.

Now Let’s Look At Inspection 2:

This would be a heavier service; we complete your oil and filter replacement, replace the air filter and the cabin air filter.

Here is what we checkover at this service interval.

Underbody Inspection

Your BMW mechanic checks…

  • the oil and filter while your engine is at operating temperature
  • the transmission for leaks
  • rear axle hoses and half shafts for leaks
  • the fuel tank and its lines for leaks
  • exhaust system
  • steering system for leaks and we add fluid
  • thickness of brakes
  • brake line connections
  • parking brake actuation
  • tire pressure
  • rust on your BMW’s body

Engine BMW Service Inspection

Your BMW Mechanic Checks…

  • diagnostic system readout
  • engine cooling system/heater hoses for leaks
  • the level of brake and clutch fluid (these need to be replaced every two years)
  • windshield washer fluid and coolant
  • air conditioner
  • microfilters and intake air cleaner elements and replaces them as needed

Body And Electrical Equipment Inspection

Your BMW Mechanic Checks…

  • battery charge
  • lighting system and instrument panel
  • warning/indicator lights
  • wipers and washer system
  • replaces blades
  • safety belts
  • blower fan
  • rear-view mirrors
  • airbag units

Finally, we do a road test to make sure everything is in working condition.

Don’t stress over fitting your BMW service into your busy schedule; once you get started, it’s easy to keep on top of maintenance.

Plus, it keeps your BMW running clean and problem-free.

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