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You drive a BMW for a reason… You appreciate the workmanship, performance, and status that comes with a fine-crafted automobile. You demand quality BMW maintenance. And we want to deliver it to you. Don’t trust just any shop to know how your BMW works. Bring it to our factory-trained team of expert technicians. We’ll tune it, repair it, and make sure it leaves our shop like it did the first day it left BMWs.

We service all BMW vehicles including, 325i, 330i, 335, 525, 528, 540, BMW M3, BMW M5, 635i, 645, 650, 328, 740, 745, 750, 760, 640, 650, X3, X5, X6, Z3, Z4, 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series, BMW 5 series, BMW 3 series, BMW 7 series, m3, BMW z3, BMW z4, m5 , and all extended aftermarket warranties.

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We’re a factory-trained repair shop with outstanding customer service.

factory-trained BMW mechanics | Maitland, FL

And we’re proud of our training. We make great efforts to exceed your expectations in every way. For us, that starts with training at BMW’s factory, by BMW engineers and mechanics. This way you  can rest assured that we know what we’re doing.

We’re not the kind of shop to guess and bumble around under your hood, then present you with a large bill and watch you come back in 2 weeks when it didn’t work. We’ll ask you what you’re experiencing and listen to what you tell us. Then we’ll listen to what your vehicle is telling us, using our ears, eyes, computers, and diagnostic tools. Then we’ll combine all of that with what we were taught by the people who built your vehicle… We’ll tell you what’s wrong, how it should be fixed, and whether you can wait before doing any of the services — before we fix it.

All of that will leave you a happy driver. (And when you do come back, it will be because you like us, not because something broke!)

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We’ll take care of your vehicle as if it were our own.

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Repair & Service Packages for BMW Vehicles

BMW Inspection Service I

  • Oil and filter change using OEM filter and fully synthetic motor oil.
  • Check battery with Midtronics tester.
  • Inspect tires and fill to correct level.
  • Check brake components and brake wear.
  • Basic vehicle safety inspection.
  • Check all bulbs and replace as needed (bulbs extra cost).
  • Reset service interval indicator light.

Price From $119
(M series cars using 10w60 Castrol synthetic oil higher cost)

Additional Services

  • Brake flush with OEM BMW brake fluid from $98.
  • Coolant flush with OEM BMW coolant from $98.
  • Fuel filter replacement with OEM parts from $89.
  • Spark plug replacement with OEM parts from $125.
  • Used car inspections from $150.
  • CIP programming from $100
    (dependent on number of control modules in need of update)

BMW Inspection Service II

  • All Inspection 1 services in addition to:
  • Full vehicle function test and visual inspection including engine, suspension, undercarriage, brakes, lights, HVAC system, throttle linkage.
  • Check all fluid levels and fill to correct levels as needed. Inspect car for leaks.
  • Free alignment check. (no adjustments made)
  • Replace engine air filter(s).
  • Replace cabin filter(s).
  • Print out short test and fault codes in vehicle.
  • Reset service interval indicator light.
  • Free rental car for 1 day.

Price From $349
(M series cars using 10w60 Castrol synthetic oil higher cost)

Additional Services

  • Front OEM brake pads from $150.
  • Rear OEM Brake pads from $120.
  • OEM Air filter replacement from $49.
  • Four wheel laser alignment from $99.
    Camber kits, if necessary, are an additional charge.

We service all BMW vehicles, including: 128i, 135i, 135is, 228i, 228i xDrive, 230i, 230i xDrive, 320i, 320i xDrive, 325i, 328d, 328d xDrive, 328i, 328i xDrive, 330i, 330i GT xDrive, 330i xDrive, 335d, 335i, 335i xDrive, 335is, 340i, 340i GT xDrive, 340i xDrive, 428i, 428i xDrive, 428i Gran Coupe, 428i xDrive Gran Coupe, 430i, 430i Gran Coupe, 430i xDrive, 430i xDrive Gran Coupe, 435i, 435i xDrive, 435i Gran Coupe, 435i xDrive Gran Coupe, 440i, 440i xDrive, 440i Gran Coupe, 440i xDrive Gran Coupe, 525, 528i, 528i xDrive, 530i, 530i xDrive, 535i, 535i GT, 535i GT xDrive, 535i xDrive, 540i, 540i xDrive, 545, 550i, 550i GT, 550i GT xDrive, 550i xDrive, 635i, 640i, 640i xDrive, 640i Gran Coupe, 640i xDrive Gran Coupe, 645, 650i, 650i Gran Coupe, 650i xDrive, 650i xDrive Gran Coupe, 740e xDrive, 740i, 740i xDrive, 740Ld xDrive, 740Li, 745, 750i, 750i xDrive, 750Li. 750Li xDrive, 760Li,  i3, i8, M2, M235i, M235i xDrive, M240i, M240i xDrive, M3, M4, M5, M6, M6 Gran Coupe, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, Z3, Z4, Alpina B6 xDrive Gran Coupe, Alpina B7, Alpina B7 xDrive, Alpina B7L, Alpina B7L xDrive, Active Hybrid 3, Active Hybrid 5, Active Hybrid 7, 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series, BMW M2, BMW M3, BMW M4, BMW M5, BMW M6, BMW  X1, BMW X3, BMW  X4, BMW  X5, BMW  X6, BMW Z3, BMW Z4, BMW 1 series, BMW 2 series BMW 3 series, BMW 4 series BMW 5 series, BMW 6 series, BMW 7 series, BMW Active Hybrid series, BMW Alpina series, BMW i series, BMW m series, BMW x series, BMW z series, and all extended aftermarket warranties..

Curious about what a BMW inspection service is, and what do we do?

Click here for our full BMW inspection service sheet.