Your BMW Auto Repair Transmission Guide

Whether the transmission malfunction warning came on, or you think it’s time for BMW Auto Repair Transmission Guide, this guide shares what you need to know about BMW auto repair.

If you’re unfamiliar with your car’s mechanical works, you might think the wheels are the legs. But really, when it comes to BMW auto repair of your car’s leg muscles, the mechanic will be working on your car’s transmission.

Your car can’t run without your transmission (Pun totally intended). Your transmission converts the speed of your engine into power and also into necessary friction at times.

But, your transmission isn’t invincible. It is subject to wear and tear.

And it’s quite often that an owner will never think to take their car to the BMW repair shops for a quick look at their transmission.

What In A Transmission Needs Maintenance?

Your transmission’s health needs two things: transmission fluid and a transmission filter.

Just like your engine’s overall oil lubrication, the transmission fluid keeps your transmission from overheating.

If you leave your transmission fluid for too long, however, little bits of metal can break off into the fluid and cause more wear and tear. The fluid comes in either a green or red color to make sure you don’t use the wrong fluid.

Those little bits of metal in your transmission fluid. They get trapped in your transmission filter. This is why a transmission filter is so important. It will lengthen the life of your transmission fluid.


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What Transmission Problems Mean I Need BMW Auto Repair?

BMWs are known for their German engineering. This sometimes causes people to think of their BMW as invincible.

We would never need BMW repair shops if this were true.

Unfortunately, we can’t create perfect, self-repairing cars just yet. Until then, we have to keep up with our BMW auto repair and be vigilant when it comes to the transmission.

You do need to know the warning signs that your transmission is in bad health. If your transmission is brown instead of red or green, you should bring your BMW in to get checked out.

Also, if you smell burnt rubber while driving, it may not be your tires. And, sometimes, those strange noises under your hood aren’t gremlins, only your transmission acting up.

Another sign you might need to bring your BMW in for a transmission checkup is overheating. If your transmission fluid is old, it can cause the engine to overheat.

Are Lifetime Fluids Really Lifetime?

This really depends on how often you drive your BMW, but general the answer is no.

You do get a lot of miles out of “lifetime” synthetic fluids, but they do eventually break down.

100,000 miles is the general rule of thumb. We know that’s a lot of miles, and some BMW owners may not reach that number for a very long time.

But if you have synthetic lifetime fluid in your transmission, you’ll want to keep an eye on those miles and get that fluid changed.

Where Should I Get My Transmission Checked?

People in the know go to Europa Auto for trusted BMW service and repairs. Located in Maitland, Florida, Europa Auto is just an 8-minuite drive from Orlando, and close to Winter Park, Altamonte, Lake Mary, and, Casselberry.

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— Karl H.


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