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How to Schedule Your SMART Car Service

The SMART car is a powerful compact automobile. It provides solid transportation for daily commuters and casual drivers. Built to provide 40 miles per gallon, a SMART car provides significant savings on gas. Plus, the scaled-down size makes it easy to find a place to...

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5 Signs You Need New Mercedes Benz Brakes

Safety is your utmost priority. That’s why routinely checking your Mercedes Benz brakes is essential. Here are 5 warning signs that you need new brakes. Evidence shows that more than 90% of drivers fail to apply sufficient pressure in emergency braking situations. The purpose of a brake assist system is to detect whether a driver is in an emergency braking situation.

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How to Maintain Your Mercedes Air Conditioning

You don’t want your AC going out in the middle of summer. To make sure your AC is reliable, here’s how to maintain your Mercedes air conditioning. To keep your Mercedes air conditioning in good condition, it’s important that you simply run it for 10 minutes at least once a fortnight – even in the winter.It may sound odd in the height of summer, but running defrost mode for five to ten minutes every few weeks can help to clear excess moisture from inside the unit.

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Mercedes Flexible B Service

Schedule Your Mercedes-Benz Repairs or Routine Service Today We'll take care of your vehicle as if it were our own. Mercedes Flexible B Service Engine compartment Visually...

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