SMART car repair

If you’re trying to convince someone to get a SMART car, you’ll probably talk about how great it is for the environment or how easy it is to park and drive. Maybe you’ll also talk about its appearance. It does have a unique design after all. But even if you’re not able to convince that person to get a SMART car, it’s okay. If you love everything about your SMART car, then that’s all that matters. Of course, no matter how smart your SMART car is, you can’t forget about SMART car repair and/or maintenance.

That said, let’s talk about some signs that it’s time to bring in your SMART car for repairs. Knowing these signs and doing something about them early on can help bring repair costs down and keep your SMART car on the road for a long time.

1. Worn Out Brakes and Tires

Replacing worn out brakes and tires is standard for regular cars. It’s the same for SMART cars whether they’re a Fortwo or a Forfour.

The only good thing about this is that as far as SMART car repair signs go, these two are easy enough to spot. If you’re hearing screeching or grinding sounds when you brake, it could be your brake pads that need replacing or maybe you just need an adjustment.

As for your tires, even if you consider your driving style to be very conservative, they won’t last forever. And since your SMART car’s brakes and tires are critical to your safety, it’s best to head to a SMART car repair shop when these two parts are showing signs of wear and tear.

2. Dim Headlights

You already tried fitting in a new bulb. You even checked the fuses. But you’re still getting extremely dim headlights.

So what gives?

Your SMART car mechanic will most likely check the fuse box. This is to see if there are burnt connections or if there’s a bigger problem with your SMART’s electrical components. And it’s not just your headlights.

If your interior lights are not as bright as they were before, it’s best to talk with a SMART car repair expert.

3. AC Problems

Yes, your SMART car is also not immune to airconditioning problems. Common causes include insufficient refrigerant, damage to the suction pipe near the compressor (Roadsters), and damaged condenser radiator.

And while it’s tempting to fix AC problems yourself, keep in mind that there are strict regulatory requirements for handling MVAC systems. MVAC stands for motor vehicle air conditioning. That means you can’t just top up your SMART’S refrigerant as you please.

Besides, some refrigerants are flammable. They could leak into the passenger compartment. You don’t even want to think about the possible damage to your SMART’S electrical equipment.

Rather than saving a few dollars, think about your safety first and entrust this job to a SMART car technician instead.

4. Misfiring Engine

Again, this is something that also happens to SMART cars. Usually, it’s because one or more cylinders aren’t firing right.

When this happens, your SMART car mechanic may check if your spark plugs need replacing. If you are diligent with preventive maintenance, SMART will replace your spark plugs come your 3-year maintenance schedule or when your vehicle has logged 30,000 miles.

You should also keep in mind that not having your spark plugs replaced can cause other problems. You could have trouble starting your SMART or it may not accelerate properly. It can also lead to a higher fuel consumption so it’s really advisable to stick to SMART’s maintenance schedule.


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5. Frequent Overheating

This could be a SMART car repair sign if you own an older model (e.g. 2008 SMART Fortwo). Your SMART car mechanic will probably look at four things to determine the cause of overheating.

The first is air trapped in the system. If this is the case, your SMART car technician will bleed it out. If that doesn’t solve the problem, he or she will look at the thermostat.

It may be stuck closed or just installed poorly (i.e. it could be backward). The third thing your mechanic will look for is a blown head gasket. And the last one is a coolant leak.

The important thing to note here is if your SMART keeps overheating, don’t ignore it and head to a SMART service center as soon as possible.

6. Failing Clutch

Your SMART car’s transmission is unique in that you can drive it automatically or manually with just a flick of a button. This is great but it’s not perfect.

When it fails it could lead to a number of problems like your SMART getting stuck in neutral or the transmission being jerky. Selecting gears could also be troublesome.

To fix this, your SMART car mechanic will look at your clutch actuator and/or gear actuator and might recommend replacement of either one or both units.

7. Flashing Gear Indicator

This is the most obvious sign that you need to visit a SMART service center right away. But if you’ve just had your SMART serviced, you may be confused why your gear display is still flashing.

But don’t panic just yet. Your best course of action is to go to a SMART dealer or check in with your trusted SMART technician. It could be your software that needs updating or something else.

And don’t forget that SMART is always just a call or email away. Try calling their hotline (1-800-SMART-USA) or visit their website and leave them a message so they can get back to you right away.

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